KG GunKote

GunKote is a ceramic bake on paint that provides excellent impact resistance, lubricity, heat dissipation, chemical and corrosion resistance, durability and scratch resistance. This coating comes in a standard color 2400 series and a metallic 2500 series paint.

KG Industries GunKote was put through ASTM certified testing against other coating such as Duracoat and Cerakote. After the first test, GunKote was the only coating that passed. After testing was completed KG Industries won a contract with the US Navy to coat air craft and firearm parts. GunKote meets or exceeds all Military requirements.

Most commonly used on firearms, GunKote protects and preserves the metal and polymer components. With of a pencil harness of >9H , this ceramic coating has outstanding abrasion resistance. Once cured GunKote can flex up to a 180 degrees which allows it to be used on springs and other flexible parts.

GunKote is applied at 1mil or less in thickness. With such a thin coating, areas that normally couldn’t be coated now can. This includes pistol slides and frames, trigger mechanisms, and even firing pins. Coating areas such as these insures metal protection where its needed most and with the added benefit of lubricating properties, it results in a smoother operating firearm.

Other uses for GunKote include:

Engine blocks and heads to dissipate heat

Engine water jackets and water pumps to act as a barrier between dissimilar metals

Protection from corrosion while helping to transfer heat and coolant

Transmission cases and rear end housings to transfer heat from housings

Radiators, oil and transmission coolers to dissipate heat

Brake calipers

Outboard motores

Motorycles including external and internal motor parts

Boat cleats and other marine hardware