GearKote is a solid film lubricant, also known as a dry film lubricant. This product meets or exceeds military specifications. GearKote provides a thin lubrication film that will reduce friction, prevent galling and seizing, aid in heat dissipation and protect base metal from corrosion. The primary solid used is Molybdenum Disulfied known to withstand pressures in excess of 400,000 PSI.

GearKote can be used on:

Pistons to eliminate friction and provide better lubricity with oil. It will also shed carbon. When applied to piston and piston walls it results in reduced damage from piston rock. Race engines have shown piston life improvement of over three times normal.

Valve springs and retainers to reduce guide wear. It provides a heat barrier on face of valves and sheds carbon. Improves air and fluid flow. Also reduces wear and heat on springs increasing valve life and performance

Rod and main bearings to provide a protective lubricant between mating parts

Crankshaft, cams, lifters, and push rods to provide protective lubricant in the event of momentary loss of oil.

Transmission and rear end gears to reduce friction and gaining more power. Easier shifting and less wear on components. Lighter weight oils can be used with protected parts leading to further performance gains.

Firearm parts to coat internal slides. Trigger mechanisms can also be coated leading to smoother pulls and permanent lubrication

Gearboxes of electric motors that drive conveyor lines resulting in less amps to drive motors which will result in less electricity used.

Drill bits to reduce friction and provide lubricity to increase production life.

Marine propellers to minimize cavitations