• All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All items must be disassembled and cleaned before delivery or will be charged additional fees
  • Firearm disassembly and assembly addition $65
  • Special order film will incur additional charge
  • Special base coat and top coats will incur additional charge
  • Soft touch clear add $35.00
  • Mossy Oak films will be charged an additional 10%
  • Sales tax will be added to material total
  • Custom film designs available upon request
  • All items not listed call for pricing


Firearm hydrographic itemPrice
Complete rifle$235.00
Standard stock$110.00
Thumbhole stock$135.00
Butt stock$100.00
Barrel and action$165.00
Complete Shotgun$235.00
Complete over/under SXS$285.009
Butt stock$100.00
Single barrel $100.00
Mag tube$90.00
Complete AR$325.00
Monolithic upper$180.00
Adjustable stock$125.00 & up
Standard stock$100.00
Barrel only$100.00
Hand guard $85.00 & up
Magazines per piece$25.00
Complete handgun$185.00
Grips pair$65.00
Complete revolver $185.00
Grips pair$65.00
Bow itemPrice
Complete crossbowSee above bow pricing
Complete bow$275.00
Riser $150.00
Cams pair of 2$75.00
Quiver top only$65.00
Stabilizer up to 12"$65.00
Stabilizer 12" and upAdd $3.00 per inch over 12
Automotive hydro itemPrice
Body kits$1,200.00 & up
Valve cover per piece$150.00
Air breather$85.00 & up
Fender flares set of 4$240.00
Wheels up to 16" set of 4$640.00
Wheels 17" set of 4$685.00
Wheels 18" set of 4$735.00
Wheels 20" set of 4 $800.00
Wheels 22" set of 4$900.00
Center caps set of 4$100.00 & up
Interiors$250.00 & up
Motorcycle hydro itemPrice
Complete motorcyle (except touring model)$2,500.00 & up
Inner fairing$325.00 & up
Outer fairing$425.00 & up
Front fender$385.00 & up
Rear fender$385.00 & up
Sider covers per piece$80.00 & up
Complete bagger bike$3,500.00 & up
Hard case saddle bag lids each$125.00 & up
Complete hard case saddle bags each$300.00 & up
Motorcycle wheels each$250.00 & up