• All prices are subject to change without notice
  • All items must be completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned prior to delivery or will incur additional charges
  • Sales tax will be applied to material costs

Due to the fluctuation in powder prices all prices listed are starting cost. Stencil designs and extra masking available for additional charges. 


Automotive ItemSingle Color2 Stage
All other itemsCall for pricing309-799-5764
Lower A-arm pair$105.00$136.50
Upper A-arm pair$85.00$110.50
Tubular A-arm lower pair$100.00$130.00
Tubular A-arm upper pair$70$91
Air cleaner base$65.00$84.50
Air cleaner top$65.00$84.50
Air scoop$120.00$156.00
16" wheel set of 4$290.00$377.00
17" wheel set of 4$320.00$416.00
18" wheel set of 4 $370.00$481.00
Motorcycle and recreational ItemSingle Coat2 Stage
All other itemsCall for pricing309-799-5764
Motorcycle frames$275.00$357.50
ATV frame$275.00$357.50
Handle bars$50.00$65.00
Brake & clutch levers per set$50.00$65.00
Motorcycle rims per piece$75.00 & up$97.50 & up
ATV rims per piece$50.00 & up$65.00 & up
Valve covers$65.00 & up$84.50 & up
Clutch covers$35.00 & up$45.50 & up
Magneto covers$35.00 & up$45.50 & up
Carburetor bowls$35.00 & up$45.50 & up
Harley derby cover$95.00 & up$123.50 & up
Harley inner primary cover$75.00 & up$97.50 & up


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